The GOSPEL, the Good News of Jesus Christ for everyone,
is all we have to offer, and is and our only hope and comfort.
He can be YOUR hope and comfort as well.

Welcome to Madison Baptist Church

We are Montrealers who love the Lord and are passionate about loving the community around us and studying the Book He gave us, the Bible. Our worship services feature a variety of music, blending instruments and vocals. We love children, and have programs designed for them. Our desire is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and to grow in knowledge of Him daily.

What kind of things go on at Madison?

Oh my, lots of things.
The church is so much more than a building …. We have our regular service in the building that also appears each Sunday on our Youtube channel, along with Sunday School and Youth group classes. There are online and in-person bible studies during the week, game nights, family nights, couples nights, Women’s groups, all kinds of stuff. We also gather after the service into the basement for refreshments and talk the afternoon away… together. There is also an active Prayer Chain where you can submit requests for the congregation to pray for you or a friend.

We have several large music events over the year, Pot Luck lunches, various outings and a yearly picnic. The Lord has asked us to be like Him, creative and expansive. He is the Life Giver, we live the life.

What kind of thing go on outside of Madison?

The church’s job is the encourage and equip fellow Christians to go into the world and live out their salvation, the grace and overwhelming joy God gives us in front of the whole world. Sharing our faith with friends, sharing their concerns with them, being a source of love even to those who call themselves our enemies, for we have none among people. The church reaches out to the satisfied and the unsatisfied, the weak and the strong, the great and so-called nothings of our society, because God loves and seeks each one and can save any. The church also sends and supports missionaries, and sends members to study in seminaries.

Why not come out and meet us?

Madison is known to be a very warm and friendly church, where people will be glad to meet and greet you, and talk with you. Don’t believe me? Just walk in on any Sunday and we’ll prove it to you. It doesn’t matter what your background is at all. 

Upcoming Events at Madison

Sunday Sermons
Uploaded every Sunday on our Youtube page
Online & In-Person Bible Studies
Just about every day of the week- check it out here
There are events all over

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