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Take a look at what we have here. If you are in need or if you want to help out, there's probably something here for you. Further down we have some websites for people looking into Christianity to see what its about. Enjoy! Contact us if want info of any kind- maybe we can find it for you.
Canadian Baptist Ministries
This link is to the "Who We Are" page
that will tell you about all the work this
amazing organization is involved in.
Missions, charities (local and worldwide),
leadership development, prayerline,
very comprehensive.

Welcome Hall Mission
All kinds of social services for families
and individuals

Christian Direction Montreal
Resources to everything Christian
in Montreal.

Charities & Community
The Salvation Army
This organization has done and continues
to do an amazing job in our community,
in Canada, and around the world.
Plenty of opportunities to help out.

The Interchange
Christian volunteering opportunities across

Volunteer West Island
This is a list of organizations in the West
Island of Montreal that need voluteers to
help out with the community.

What is Christianity?!!?!?!?
Is there a God?
Does God exist? Here are six straight-forward reasons to believe that God is really there.

Two Ways to Live
The Gospel (Good News) of Christianity
presented in a very easy format

How can I know God? (and why should I....?)
A good answer to such a good question.

Tolstoy's Confession A very honest and reasonable explanation of one man's journey
from despair to joy. A must read!

Is the resurrection of Jesus real? A very good account of the facts of the case.. A website with all kinds of articles about Jesus- it will explain a lot!
Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec
A list of Churches and association info

Igreja Baptista de Língua Portuguesa

Madison Portuguese Congregation

Our Association
Some Theology
Creeds of the Christian Church
A list of Creeds and Confessions of the last 2000 years!

Christian Bookstores
in Montreal
Christian Bookstores
If you're looking for something to read....
Reasonable Faith Montreal
Partnering with Madison Baptist to provide an intelligent and articulate voice to biblical Christianity in the public arena
To our neighbours in N.D.G. and the rest of Montreal, welcome to
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