Need/Have ...?
Do you need a couch, or a bed, or a microwave? Maybe you have a couch, bed or microwave you'd like to give away? We'd like to put the two of you together! This is open to anyone in the community of Montreal, not just church members. If you have or need some extra stuff you can contact us at
Men's Dinner
The gents meets for special event
dinners throughout the year. Great discussions on important topics  and the usual guy stuff. Check the calendar for dates.
Pot Luck Supper
A time to get together and eat! Share our food and our fellowship as well as an opportunity to share your talent. Would you like to sing a song, share a reading from the bible or perhaps of a poem? Check the calendar for dates.
To our neighbours in N.D.G. and the rest of Montreal, welcome to
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Ha! That's easy.
   Jesus. Everything else is boring.
The Eats
The Arts
Please check out Calendar for details of the when and wheres of our community events
Drawing class: (7:30pm)
Sept. 18
Oct. 2
Oct. 16
Oct. 30
Nov. 13

Watercolor Class: (7:30pm)
Sept. 25
Oct. 9
Oct. 23
Nov. 6
Joint (Drawing & Watercolour) Class:
Nov. 20