To our neighbours in N.D.G. and the rest of Montreal, welcome to
"Hey Madison, what are you all about?"
Ha! That's easy.
   Jesus. Everything else is boring
Strong Church Family and Love for One Another
Gospel-Centered, Biblically-Based Teaching & Preaching
Equipping the Saints is one of the foremost activities in our church- if a congregation is bold and mature and in their understanding of the character of God, you don't have to remind them of the need to be evangelists, or counsellors, to give to the needy, or to show hospitality to strangers, or to maintain a good conscience before the world; they already know that! A Christ-centered life is one well lived.

Sunday morning Pastor Tom engages in expository teaching of the Word, going through one book of the bible at a time and giving the sense of what it's all about. We also have several Sunday School classes for ages from Nursery to 18 years.

For bible studies we have one in NDG near the church and one in the West Island on Wednesday, and another in the West Island for the 16-35 crowd.
A comment we often hear from visitors is that "everyone seems so glad to be here!"
It's no accident- our church members spend a lot of time together at events and meeting for fellowships because we really like each other and love to serve Christ! During our Sunday service we have a prayer time led by the Pastor, who asks for prayer requests from the congregation, and people are only too glad to tell their brothers and sisters what is on their hearts. We are a part of the body of Christ.
Community Outreach
A quick look at our Community page will show that we have quite a few things going on during the week. Our Mad Monk Cafe features both Gospel and secular music that is open to anyone without charge, refreshments included. We also have a Drawing class and a Painting class also offered for free by professional artists. There is a Stepping Free course available for anyone stuggling with various addictions. We even have Caroling through the community at Christmas time! There are also have Pot Luck Suppers so that we can get to know eachother and our neighbours.
Madison joyfully supports both long-term and short term missionaires. Many young people in particular have gone out into the world to spread the Good News of God's favor to those who are hungry for it, in places such as Jamaica and Guatemala. Our missionaries have focused for the last few years in particular on the Cree community in Moose Factory on James Bay in Ontario.
Music and Worship
We're blessed to have a large number of musically-gifted people in our congregation who love to worship our Maker and lead others to do the same. Sunday morning music ranges from old Spirituals, Contemporary songs, Bluesy-Gospel songs, Hymns, just about everything- much of our music is even written in-house! We have several Worship teams that rotate throughout the year and we have special music nights and sing alongs. There is also the monthly Mad Monk Cafe, a sort of community music night that is so well attended you need to get here early to get a seat! 
Why should I make Madison Baptist my home Church?
First of all, you don't HAVE TO, since there are many other fine churches in Montreal...! Each church has its strengths and weaknesses, we're not all good at everything (but God is). Take a look at what we feel is important and what our strengths are.