Welcome to Madison Baptist!
We are Montrealers who love the Lord and are passionate about loving the community around us and studying the Book He gave us, the Bible. Our worship services feature a variety of music, blending instruments and vocals.  We love children, and have programs designed for them. Our desire is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and to grow in knowledge of Him daily. Find out more about us HERE
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You don't have to be "Good enough". He knows all about you and still loves you! Don't be afraid to go to Him- just talk to Him and tell Him your fears and your joys. He's been there, done that. He takes away your sin and calls you friend.
Who We Are
New to the Faith and want to learn more? Or have you been a Christian for a while but are looking to go deeper? We have put together resources for you that will help meet your needs.

Bible Studies
Theological Works
Are you looking for hope in a hopeless world? Maybe you don't know much about Christianity but you want to. We can help you get to know the Good News, or Gospel, of Jesus.

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Compassion                   Truth
Why make Madison your home church?
There is only ONE church, the Lord's, and all Christians belong to it, but there are many "branches". If you're looking for a local church, let us make our case for why you should visit, and hopefully attend, Madison Baptist. 
The Bible is not a disconnected series of stories. There is a clear theme throughout. Watch this!
Introductory bible study
What's Happening at Madison?
Updated 14th October 2019
In the Sunday Sermons Pastor Tom is going through the book of 1st Timothy. Check out this video summary!
"All Things For Goodí is in perfect alignment with my recent reading of Lewisí ĎA Problem Of Painí. Iíve been coming to understand that pain under Godís Sovereignty is to be respected and that the blessed life is also a painful life. The worldly aspirations of living, is a life where one is constantly trying to escape pain, but Paul for example, sees suffering as a privilege, in which it is.

The world has itís 12 step programs for happiness, which often aims for a pain free existence. Happiness is the ultimate goal of the western world-Attaining and doing what makes one happy is a life worth living according to that ideal, but I feel mankind is too complicated and sinful to make such a simple and debase claim. Happiness for happiness sake can vary from something beautiful to something horrible. For one manís happiness can be found in the love of his child, while for another man, happiness can be found in the assault of that same manís child.

Now with God, true happiness comes with pain and passes through pain. To be happy is to be in the Lord and be in Lord is to be corrected and challenged. And though, there are many things on earth that undoubtedly please us, theyíre best enjoyed when ascribed to the Lord.

This also reminds me of Genesis 47:9 where Jacob tells Pharaoh that his days were few and evil. Jacob went through many trials and  endured much pain, but thereís no doubt that Jacob is a blessed man and thereís no doubt that his fundamental happiness was in the Lord."

Book of the Month, with comments by Chris Thomas of Madison Baptist
We get together every second Thursday to look at one teaching of Jesus from the Gospels, which means "Good News"! This lively discussion group is made for people who might be new to the faith or have never opened a bible, but is challenging enough for a person who has been studying the Gospels their whole life.... there's a lot in there! A great place to find how life changing Jesus is. Also a good opportunity to meet people from the church. Everyone is welcome... bring a friend!
Community Art Classes
Free art classes with professional artists Billy (Pencil) & George Toufexis (Watercolours)
for beginners or those who have lifted a brush or pencil once or twice...
All materials are FREE. All welcome (children must be accompanied by a guardian).

Check the calendar for which week is Pencil or Watercolours
Bible Study on the book of Galatians
A verse-by-verse study of this Gospel in a friendly group setting! Do you want to go deep?
This is the place for you. Learn the whole life of Jesus, his teaching, death and resurrection,
what He means to humanity, and of course to you! Bring a notepad, and get ready for
some good teaching. Refreshments served!
Sunday Sermons
Pastor Tom is your guide to the New Testament book of 1st Timothy.
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind"
Sermons are just the right thing in the right setting to point the mind where it needs to be.
Pasts sermons in the series and others are available for listening online and for download here!
Men's Dinner & Loud Talking
This is your big chance, Guys ... get together with a bunch of other Guys, eat, eat, talk,
eat, talk ... very informal. Discussions on 'Subjects from Left Field', things you might not get to talk about anywhere else .... speak freely, everything is on the table.
Refreshments & Fellowship Time
Right after the service

Get to know people at the church!
A fun time of fellowship right after the service
Mad Monk Cafe
Friday, 22nd November
7:30pm at the Church

The Mad Monk Cafe gets its name from our location (MADison and MONKland) and is a musical event staged approximately four times a year between April and November. Madison's own deacon George puts together a show with a story to tell: through songs, readings, slides and guest musicians, the life of a famous musician or a theme in the folk, gospel and blues traditions is explored. Concert and refreshments are free of charge.
Sundays 11:00am
at the church
Sunday School and Youth Group
Teachers in three classes ready to show your Children the Lord's love as found in the bible and through thoughtful discussions
The Kids, Ages 4-7,
Lighthouse, Ages 8-12
Youth Group, Ages 13-18
during the service

Thursday, Oct 24th
7:30pm at the Church

2nd & 4th Wednesdays
7:30pm in Pierrefonds

Movie & Pizza Night
Sunday, Oct 25th
7:00pm at the Church

Come on out for movies, pizza and a good time with people from the church and community.
Doors open at 7:00pm, Movie starts at 7:30pm!
To be announced
6:30pm at the church

7:30pm at the Church